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Facebook verify account by friends photo considered unsafe
Facebook allows unauthorized access to verify the account by using Friends photo
Note to self – Reverting Git
How to revert commits in various ways
Documentaries/Movies I recommend watching
Documentaries and movies I recommend watching.
Finding exposed .git repositories
Finding exposed .git repositories and cloning them.
Ridesharing and public transport in Brazil (Florianópolis)
How I think ridesharing is winning public transport...
Free online Computer Science Courses
Get free Computer Science courses online from the world's leading universities.
Why the World Wide Web Sucks (by Bryan Lunduke)
Why the world wide web sucks (external link to
Government censorship vs corporate censorship
Small thoughts on censorship and public opinion...
Quick review of the `...` in the Linux Kernel
Some quick notes `stdargs.h`
Real mode
09 Mar 2017 » Real mode
Understanding real mode
My Linux Kernel study
Documenting my research on the Linux kernel
What is happening with the new left-wing?
An overview about the new Brazilian left
Béla Tarr's message
07 Feb 2017 » Béla Tarr's message
The speech was read by Árpád Schilling at the SEE THE HUMAN! demonstration... - my new comrade
I now use Pinboard as my bookmarking service.
University - to quit or not to quit
I am thinking to quit university.
Setting a Raspberry Pi as a Tor relay using chroot
How to set a Tor relay using a Raspberry Pi and chroot.
Tools I use everyday
21 Jan 2016 » Tools I use everyday
A small list of tools I use everyday
Ignore file lines using Git
Using Git to ignore specific file lines.
Open magnet links on Chromium using Xfce4
Opening magnet-links on Chromium (linux).
Archlinux and Gentoo
30 Nov 2012 » Archlinux and Gentoo
My choice between Archlinux and Gentoo
ZSH - rehash automatically on
Rehash automatically after running your package manager or etc.
Linux fix Unknown media type in type...
How to fix unknown media type in type on Linux.
Cracking WPA2 + WEP with Aircrack
Cracking WPA2 and WEP using aircrack
Internet speed
17 May 2011 » Internet speed
My current Internet's speed.