Hi, there

Hi, there #

My name is Benjamin Mezger1 and I am one of many software engineers lost in a world of code and numbers. In day job, I work on a large Python E-commerce code-base with Django and Wagtail on a team of 7 software engineers.

I’m interested in computer security, operating systems, and computer architecture. I enjoy this field so much, I developed a Microkernel for the RISC-V ISA for my Bachelor thesis.

I worked for 4 years as a researcher at the laboratory of Distributed Systems at the university of Univali. I jumped across different fields while working as a researcher, but I mostly worked on IoT solutions, system programming, and web applications.

I tend to get thoughtful when asked “where are you from” because it’s quite a long story. But here is a TL;DR in some paragraphs:

I was born in Milan, however, as parents did not have Italian citizenship, and Italy is a Jus sanguinis state, I ended up having my father’s citizenship, German.

Years later after moving around Italy and Germany, we moved to the south of Brazil, where I lived for 3 years before my parents got divorced and my mother moved to Amsterdam and me, my sister, stepmother, and father moved to Sark, in the Channel Island.

Two years later, we moved to Portugal and then back to England, but this time, we moved to London.

Years later I moved in with my mother in Amsterdam, where I stayed most of my teenage years. I later moved to Brazil for studying my Bachelor in Computer Science.

If you want to know more about my professional career, you can find get my CV here.

Figure 1: This is me on black and white

Figure 1: This is me on black and white

  1. Friends normally call me Ben Mezger instead ↩︎