Hi, there

My name is Benjamin Mezger1, and I am one of the countless software engineers lost in a world of code and numbers. I have worked with a diverse number of technologies – from operating system development to web development. This experience with several computing abstractions has taught me how to quickly adapt, learn and contribute to different project environments. I have an interest in backend development, computer architecture, and operating systems.

I am doing my Master’s degree at the University of Vale do Itajaí, investigating fault-tolerant software at the operating system level on RISC-V architectures.

I tend to reflect when asked, “where are you from” because it’s a long and confusing story. But here is a TL;DR: I was born in Milan, I have Brazillian, Dutch, and German citizenship, but I’m not Italian due to Jus Sanguinis. I moved and lived in Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Channel Islands, The Netherlands, and Brazil.

If you want to know more about my professional career, you can get my CV here or the short version here.

Figure 1: This is me in black and white

Figure 1: This is me in black and white

  1. You can call me Ben too! ↩︎