Personal roam notes

These are personal org-roam notes. I tend to make notes during the day, and the ones I feel that are interesting I publish them here.

  • Mental models
  • Mindset
  • Learning
  • Thinking methods
  • Interesting Golang libraries
  • Book progress
  • Abortion
  • Media
  • Na batalha contra o coronavirus, faltam lideres a humanidade
  • Alice in wonderland: The complete collection
  • Nonviolent communication: A language for life
  • The great mental models: General thinking concepts
  • Clean code
  • Clean architecture
  • Operating systems: Internals and design principles (9th edition)
  • The Pragmatic programmer: from journeyman to master
  • The Communist Manifesto
  • Org-roam Firefox bookmark
  • Org-mode Firefox bookmarks
  • Cool companies
  • List of Spotify artists
  • Information Theory
  • A brief introduction to Emacs Lisp for people with programming background | lgmoneda
  • dots/config.el at master ยท jethrokuan/dots
  • The Go Programming Language Specification - The Go Programming Language