C programming

May 31, 2020
C, programming

Tags Computer Science Programming C project architecture guidelines # Functions exposed in the header are like public methods # Think of each module like a class. The functions you expose in the header are like public methods. Only put a function in the header if it part of the module’s needed interface. Avoiding circular module dependencies # Avoid circular module dependencies. Module A and module B should not call each other. ...

Understanding key concepts before writing a Kernel

May 3, 2020
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C, riscv

In this series of posts, I intend to document my re-go on writing a small, portable kernel for the RISC-V architecture. I developed a micro-kernel for the RISC-V ISA in my bachelor thesis, however, due to the time it takes on developing a kernel, and the time I had on writing a bachelor’s thesis, I choose on writing the kernel for the Sifive’s HiFive1 Rev B development board due to their well written bare metal compatibility Library for the board, low cost and most importantly, RISC-V. ...