Coding Theory

May 31, 2020 | coding, theory, cs

tags Information Theory Computer Science Programming Related video: Source encoding # Say Alice and Bob want to communicate with each other over some cable. They both live far from each other, so they decided to run a wire between both of their houses. Their communication has been working fine until winter. When winter arrived, lots wind noise started to happen and they are unable to communicate with each other over their cable communication system. ...


May 31, 2020 | compiler, cs, theory

tags Computer Science Programming Syntax Analysis # Syntax analysis happens after the Lexical phase, and it is responsible for detecting syntax errors. Grammar # Be design, computer languages have defined structure of what constitutes a valid program. in Python, a program is made up of functions/classes/imports, a function requires declarations and/or statements and so on. In C, a valid program needs to have a least a function called main, otherwise the GNU’s linker is unable to link the program. ...

Information Theory

May 30, 2020 | computing, theory, information, studies

tags Computer Science Related content: Humans express themselves using a variations of communication, such as language, physical gestures, drawing and etc. Language allows us to take a thought and break it down to a series of chunks. These chunks are externalized using a series of signals or symbols. Informally we can think of information as some message, stored or transmitted using some medium. Information is a collection of possible symbols. ...