Translating Virtual addresses

November 21, 2020
os, architecture

tags Computer Architecture Operating Systems Translating virtual address space in RISCV in Sv39 Virtual address: 0x7d_beef_cafe Virtual address in binary: 0b0111_1101_1011_1110_1110_1111_1100_1010_1111_1110 VPN[2] VPN[1] VPN[0] 12-bit offset 1_1111_0110 1_1111_0111 0_1111_1100 1010_1111_1110 502 503 252


May 31, 2020
riscv, cs, architecture, thesis

tags Computer Science Operating Systems Computer Architecture Understanding RISCV stack pointer # L06 RISCV Functions(6up).pdf # Exceptions # Exception are unusual condition occurring at run time associated with an instruction in the current RISCV thread. Exceptions may be converted to traps, but that all depends on the execution environment. Traps # Trap refers to the synchronous transfer control to a trap handler caused by an exceptional condition occurring within a RISC thread. ...