Go reading struct tag

Go reading struct tag

June 21, 2020 | go, programming

The following code reads a specific struct Tag by name.

import (

type Profile struct {
	Id            int    `validate:"numeric" json:"id"`
	First         string `validate:"required" json:"first"`
	Last          string `validate:"required" json:"last"`
	Birth         string `validate:"required" json:"birth"`
	Sex           string `validate:"required" json:"sex"`
	MaritalStatus string `validate:"required" json:"marital_status"`
	Children      int    `validate:"numeric" json:"children"`

func GetStructFieldValidators(data interface{}) map[string][]string {
	v := reflect.ValueOf(data)
	t := reflect.TypeOf(data)

	validators := make(map[string][]string)
	for i := 0; i < v.NumField(); i++ {
		validators[strings.ToLower(v.Type().Field(i).Name)] = []string{t.Field(i).Tag.Get("validate")}
	return validators

func main() {
	for k, v := range GetStructFieldValidators(Profile{}){
		fmt.Println(k, v)
id [numeric]
first [required]
last [required]
birth [required]
sex [required]
maritalstatus [required]
children [numeric]

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