Seriously, what is happening with the new left-wing in Brazil? What happened to the anti-capitalist movement? How about supporting your comrades (Peru, Argentina, Uruguai, Venezuela, etc)? Where is the real resistance? Ever since Dilma Rouseff has been impeached, the Brazilian population seems to be more worried about Donald J. Trump than Michel Temer in power.

Fuck the U.S, they have destroyed Latin America since who knows when. The American people never gave a fuck about Latin America – I have never seen the American citizens protesting out in the street for you, L.A. And you decide to forget the fact you just got impeached, you have a fascist in power, who is cutting a LOT of social benefits for those who really need it, you have the most corrupt undemocratic-elect president ever in history and you care about Trump?

Have you seen what your president has done to your country in less than a year? Your president has forced the most main stream media (O Globo and Folha de S. Paulo) to delete a news article that each has published about the hacking case with Marcela Temer (Michel Temer’s wife) and you just don’t seem to give a damn. Michel Temer is playing with the education system as if he is playing Ping-Pong. He is willing to increase working hours (and they are way too high already!), willing to decrease the minimum salary, which with it already you can’t even pay a studio-room rent.

Brazilians are more interesting into consuming the new iPhone 6 and watch the new Netflix series than to take this guy out.

Seriously, what the fuck.