Use case template

Use case template

June 23, 2020 | programming, methodology, cs

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The following is a requirements template developed by Alistair Cockburn. This template may or may not have all or more fields related to the requirements itself.

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Goal in context
Level<one of: Summary, Primary task, Subfunction>
Success end condition
Failed end condition
Primary actor<a role name for the primary actor, or description>
Trigger<the action upon the system that starts the use case, may be time event>
Priority<how critical to your system/organization>

Usage example:

User profile #

USE CASE #1Create user account
Goal in contextClient expects to create and account
ScopeUser account system
LevelPrimary task
PreconditionsUser model exists and ready to save new users
Success end conditionUser gets account created and receives a notification upon creation
Failed end conditionUnable to create user
Primary actorUser
TriggerInvocation of user creation
PriorityTop priority
FrequencyCommon, users create new account from time to time

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