Socratic questioning

Socratic questioning

May 31, 2020 | socratic, mindset, models

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Socratic questioning is one of many Mental models allows us to pursue thoughts in many directions and establish first principles through strict analysis. It allows us to establish truth and separate knowledge from ignorance by reveling underlying assumptions. The method allows us to explore complex ideas and find the truth out of things while opening up issues and problems.

Key principles of the method #

  • Identifying principles of thinking and cut through dogma and shared belief
  • Open up issues and problems
  • Explore complex ideas and find the truth out of things
  • Reveals underlying assumptions
  • Separates knowledge from ignorance
  • Uses to establish truth
  • Establish first principles through strict analysis
  • Pursue thoughts in many direction

Using the process #

  • Clarify your thinking and explaining the origins of your idea
    • Why do I think this?
    • What exactly do I think?
  • Questioning the original question
    • Why did I think that?
    • Was I correct?
    • What conclusions can I draw from the reasoning process?
  • Challenging assumptions
    • How do I know this is true?
    • What if you think the other way around?
  • Looking for evidence
    • How can I back this up?
    • Is there any research made on this?
    • What are the sources?
  • Consider alternative perspectives
    • What might others think?
    • How do I know I am correct?
  • Examining consequences and implications
    • What if I am wrong?
    • What are the implications and consequences if I am wrong?

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