Book progress

Book progress

May 30, 2020 | books

Interesting reading: Quantifying Reading

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Reading progress as of <2020-05-30 Sat>

Table 1: Clock summary at [2020-07-13 Mon 08:07]
ALLTotal time1d 11:52
File time2:36
@books, reading, clockThe Communist Manifesto2:36
File time11:23
reading, @books, clockThe Pragmatic Programmer: From…11:23
File time3:24
reading, @books, clockOperating Systems: Internals and…3:24
File time3:28
reading, @books, toread, clockClean Architecture3:28
File time5:48
read, @books, clockThe Great Mental Models: General…5:48
File time8:12
read, @books, clockNonviolent Communication: A language…8:12
File time1:01
reading, @books, clockData and Reality: A Timeless…1:01

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