Attaching Jira issues to commit

May 24, 2020
git, projects

TLDR ↕ Dynamically attach Jira attributes to commit body using git-hook. Check the project’s README. The place I work at requires Jira story ID and task ID attached to the commit body. Initially, I was attaching the ID to the commit body manually, by checking either my previous commit or opening up the Jira board, however, after working some hours I was easily forgetting to attach the IDs to the commit and getting annoying having to either reword them and perhaps having to lookup Jira again. ...

Patching requests HTTP hooks with custom arguments

May 7, 2020

I am working on a project where we have lots of functions integrated with external APIs. Functions where HTTP requests get dispatched, we log the current caller’s name, headers, and data (if any) in case we need to debug anything. For example: import logging import requests LOGGER = logging.getLogger("external") def create_external_services(): ..."[func] | Request {data}") response ="..")"[func] | Response {response.status_code} {response.text}") ... def delete_external_services():"[func] | Request {data}") response = requests. ...

Hello, org-mode and hugo

April 23, 2020
blog, web
emacs, orgmode

Hello, world! This is my first post here. This blog is created using Hugo and Emacs org-mode. I am still busy migrating my posts from Asciidoc to org-mode, so this should take a bit of time.

Finding exposed .git repositories

October 30, 2017
blog, web
git, security

Developers use git to version control their source code. We all do, in fact, this blog is currently versioned by git. However, we not only use git to version control, but also to deploy applications. Usually we push new code to a remote server, where the server takes care of testing the code and then deploying the application. There are different ways of deploying an application, but this is one of them. ...

Notes on Linux's printk

March 9, 2017

Some of the content might be incorrect, since I am still trying to understand it thoroughly. So I started studying the Linux Kernel more in depth, so I decided it would be nice for me to document my findings, so I can read it from time to time. I will be daily updating this post, as I am studying it everyday. Keep in mind that I am using the x86 architecture. ...

Higiene e bons hábitos online

December 12, 2016
private, guide, services

❗️*Observação:* Esse guia provavelmente se encontra defasado Aqui se encontra bons hábitos e higiene online para manter sua privacidade e segurança online. Gerenciando seus dados online # Procure todos os serviços de Data Brokers (, e etc), e selecione opt-out (excluir). Mantenha consciência e pense duas vezes antes de postar algo online (principalmente em serviços como Facebook, Twitter, Google e outros). Não use o para pesquisas, como alternativa, use StartPage, DuckDuckGo, etc. ...

Mantendo sua privacidade

December 9, 2016
private, guide, services

❗️*Observação:* Esse guia provavelmente se encontra defasado O intuido desse guia manter uma coleção de guias, links e pensamentos sobre a privacidade e segurança online. Nós temos em foco criar ferramentas antifascistas, contra regimes autoritários para ajudar comunidades, organizações e ativistas. Andamos observando que muitos grupos antifascistas/ativistas, usam ferramentas como o Facebook, WhatsApp e outros para organizar seus protestos, se comunicar com amigos e familiares, porém, essas ferramentas de comunicação são apenas uma arma contra sua privacidade e não estão no seu lado. ...