For a long time, a decision has been bothering me a lot, a decision I cannot make and I am too afraid to decide: Should I quit university and start a independent research career? Or should I keep on doing my university and see what happens next?

I had this idea floating in my mind for about 2-3 years, but I was never able to decide. I love the feeling of being part of a university, having classes about different subjects and learning different topics at a very high speed (though there is a lot of disadvantage about this, sometimes is a good way to get a clear view of different subjects and find what you like), however I am not sure if this is something I need. I already have a clear/stable view of what I love: Computer Security. I love computer architecture and operating systems, I have a very good understanding of both of them and I would like to have more time to dive deeper. But I am afraid to quit.

I am afraid things might go wrong. I’m afraid I might be doing a bad decision and I might regret in the near future. I am perfectly capable of doing research on my own, start developing new infosec tools, dive deeper into subjects we learn at the university, and start really making use of them.

I am aware that quitting university might give me some weight at a professional carer, but I feel like I am loosing time at the university, while I know exactly what subjects I like, what I need to study, I feel like I am not learning enough at the university (subjects are given too fast and not deep enough), and, in reality, university is slowing my development down. I could be diving deeper into subjects I like, start writing papers on my own, publish them, have more time to study by myself without any university project/work, have time to participate in conferees and so on.

I still haven’t made my decision, but I know I will have to, soon, before it’s too late.